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Bulk Fuel

Wallis’ bulk fuel, or commercial unbranded fuel, service is perfect for end-users who have their own fuel tanks or are fuel distributors.

Our unbranded fuel is competitively priced, and we have diverse geographic availability. When you choose Wallis Companies for your bulk fuel, you have the option to come pull the fuel yourself or you can take advantage of our reliable freight and fuel delivery services.

Wallis provides bulk fuel support to multiple customers, industries, and projects, including:

  • Agricultural
  • Contractors
  • Freight and transportation companies
  • Fuel distributors
  • Government bids
  • Unbranded fueling sites

Why choose Wallis for Bulk Fuel?

There are multiple benefits of choosing Wallis for bulk fuel, as we offer supply reliability, transportation reliability, and pricing alternatives. Additionally, we offer credit line diversity for those distributors and end-users who aren’t able to obtain enough credit with their current suppliers. We will develop custom bulk fuel solutions that meet all of your needs. At Wallis, our goal is to provide the quality fuel that your business needs to succeed and thrive.


The pricing alternatives utilized by Wallis include ARGUS, PLATT’S, and OPIS, in addition to a Wallis posted price. We also offer risk management solutions, fixed forward pricing, caps, collars, and swaps. Lastly, we offer inventory management for your fuel. With Wallis, you get the ultimate value for your bulk, unbranded fuel.

Fuel we offer:

  • Biodiesel
  • Conventional Gasoline
  • K-1 Clear Kerosene
  • No. 2 On-road Clear Diesel
  • No. 2 Off-road Dyed Diesel
  • RFG Gasoline

Interested in Bulk Fuel?

Call Wallis today at (800) 467-6652